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Tower Shoot

Based upon the old English driven pheasant hunts, this style of hunting allows a new venue for those interested in adding a fun activity to their hunt. Tower Shoots offers the excitement of being in a group setting while enjoying live bird shooting. Groups of 10 to as many as 40 can enjoy a day of pheasant shooting from our “silo” tower. Birds on the wing fly over at tree top level without warning to provide the ultimate in tower shooting. If you’re looking for something new and phun to add to your hunt, you should try it.

Our tower is a 40 foot converted silo and has 10 – 18 shooting positions that are from 100 to 200 yards from the tower. Pheasants are released one or two at a time. If you think you can kill the bird, you can shoot at it. Shooting positions are situated to allow only overhead shooting at pheasants that have a flying start of at least 100 yards. Most shots are from 40 to 60 yards. Shooters rotate after each shooting period. During the shoot each shooter rotates completely around the tower in order to afford equal opportunity in all areas. Half way through the shoot we take a break and supply plenty of refreshments.

All birds are divided equally among all at the tower hunt. The first six shooters paying a small cleanup hunt fee can return to the tower area to hunt the missed pheasants with dogs after shoot. Those paid will take a break before proceeding on the clean-up hunt. Individuals may bring their own retrievers for their group. $25 per bird and must book in advance.